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We help organisations improve their capability to manage and deliver projects, programmes and portfolio of work. We create results by bringing together teams with the right expertise and practical experience to challenge the status quo, which is why we always deliver innovative solutions.  Our approach is to work collaboratively and hand in hand with our clients in order to achieve robust benefits and solid solutions. 

We have in-depth expertise in programme and project delivery. Obaforte PPM services will successfully manage your business transformation and IT delivery programs and projects. We deliver using world-class methodologies and approaches to help you deliver your strategic objectives through technical and business improvements to attain desired business outcomes and benefits.

Our consultants are fully trained PPM professionals; we provide overall direction and can assist you with creating a PPM and a Program Management Office (PMO). This ensures that robust knowledge transfer takes place in a controlled environment. When it comes to program and project delivery – we have an enviable record.

We are trained in:


Agile: Scrum, Kanban, DSDM



Business Analysis

Service Offering

Program & Project Management

We have vastly experienced Architectural associates who have real life industry experience. We also use recognised methodologies such as The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) – this ensures that our work is versatile and aligned to best practices and quality.

Obaforte PPM assists business with programme level delivery – we also have experience of creating Program Management Office (PMO) including defining best practice and training. We work with a number of partners that can deliver world-class training to your business.  This training will be delivered to your specific needs.


We deliver program solutions – this could be business or IT solutions. We also deliver a working Program Management Office either at enterprise level or at unit level including design of governance, program and project processes. We also undertake knowledge transfer and mentoring.


We provide a robust approach for establishing and implementing PM processes. We establish governance and implement tailored processes that will enable the business gain value in delivery.


We undertake an impartial and objective view of the status of a programme or project through a detailed analysis with recommendations on course of action. We also undertake health-check reviews, compliance audit and post-implementation review.


We can also assist with “Rescuing’ failing projects by providing analysis, guidance and providing ‘back to green’ actions and recommendations. We establish a delivery road-map to be implemented in order to mitigate the risks/issues and rectify the solution.

Business & IT Architecture

Businesses need to position themselves for the future. They need to be able to meet business and technology challenges; but most importantly they need to be in a dynamic position so that they can reinvent their strategic direction if and when required, but also their technology platform must be robust, scalable and business aligned. We outline a well-designed and relevant IT architecture model that enables a company to plan and prepare towards its long-term competitiveness and value.

Obaforte appreciates that new IT systems represents a significant investment for any business, but often fail to deliver the intended solution. We have a track record of successful project delivery, ranging from small to large and complex projects and programmes. In our experience, we also see that a significant number of projects overrun their allocated budget and timescales – but a relatively small investment in delivery assurance can significantly increase the chances of success. We always work with both the business and suppliers to ensure that we achieve the project objectives.

What we offer:

Risk Analysis: We bring a clear, objective perspective to the area of risk analysis. We present these risks in a manner that is easily understood, but most importantly we give early warning of issues that put delivery at risk. As an add on value, we always ensure that our client has a clear mitigation and recovery plan.

Project delivery: Obaforte through its network of experienced project teams can take-over a project from start or mid-flow. We will ensure that we produce a robust plan and methodology. Our approach is to recover failing projects and ensure that all delivery expectations are achieved. Our mantra is to deliver On Time and Above Customer Expectation.

Project Assurance: We work with our clients to help them build an internal assurance function that adds value by supporting successful project delivery

Our project approach is based on our established project lifecycle.

Obaforte consultants have developed expertise in agile delivery and business change. We believe that if you seek a more immediate return on investment on complex transformation programmes,. The adoption of agile delivery methods has become more widespread because of the benefits it delivers.  In our experience, we have utilised agile to optimise delivery and improve quality by creating empowered teams. The quality and efficiency of the team is now more apparent because of the emphasis on incremental delivery of functionality, reducing implementation risks and fast and efficient delivery to users.

By combining our deep expertise in agile delivery and business change, we can help you deliver fast-paced transformation, which builds advocacy at the same time. We can also help you build agile delivery experience within your organisation by working alongside your project teams or by delivering training and coaching on agile delivery methods

What we offer:

Agile Delivery: We have qualified ScrumMasters and teams that are qualified and experienced resources with significant track records in complex agile projects and programmes

Agile Business Change: We see agile transformation as a culture change – we can help gradually introduce an agile mindset

The Obaforte Project Office Methodology includes  focus on the success of the project-related business outcomes and benefits realisation. Using this framework, Obaforte, from inception, is designed to include project outputs and business benefits management and realisation process.

Benefits realised are the tangible benefits that are expected to result from the project, such as:

  • Reduced cost of warranty
  • Reduced delivery costs
  • Faster to market product and service deployment
  • Efficient and robust service delivery and post-live support

Obaforte ensures that the process to monitor and track the benefits throughout the project is developed with reference to the project’s business case. Through this process, the business outcomes, the benefits measure and the associated key performance indicators are identified

Obaforte Delivery Methodology and Process (ODMP) provides a standard framework to deliver reliable solutions and services in a quick and collaborative manner. Our key objective is to support our clients journey towards excellence.
As our clients aim to improve their information technology and business processes in order to maximise either their productivity, efficiency or profitability; we as the service and solution provider work hard and rigorously by adopting proven approaches that will enable us to work in a consistent, predictable and reliable manner when delivering solutions.
Whatever the solution landscape, whether local or global, we provide common language of methods, tools and architecture to ensure that our delivery teams can work effectively together. 

The ODMP aim is to:

  • Provide a strong foundation upon which we can deliver a reliable and robust end to end solutions
  • We ensure that our projects are delivered on time and to cost to our clients. Where possible we will always endeavour to deliver at the lowest viable costs
  • Our process ensures that we reduce risks associated with solution delivery
  • Through our delivery process, we always ensure there is a drive for consistency and best practice in how we deliver solutions
  • The utilisation of our delivery process ensures that the scope of delivery is clear and unambiguous. 

Also, as part of our value-add, we undertake a Project Management Maturity Assessment to ensure that we are in a ready state to successfully deliver the project. 

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